A fresh package identity helped successfully introduce Soyafarm's line of premium soy snacks and meals into the U.S. market.

Soyafarm is a manufacturer of soy-based products, primarily tofu. Well known in Japan and Asia, Soyafarm sought to enter the United States retail food market. To this end, Soyafarm requested a new package to launch their line of soy snacks and meals in the U.S. market.

The customary presentation of tofu products is in vacu-sealed plastic bags. Graphics are minimal, low coverage and often deal only with nutritional information. Located in proximity would be Soyafarm's product; tofu crafted into traditional Asian dishes. The existing tofu consumer needed to recognize Soyafarm's product as tofu, while the potential consumer needed to be attracted to a viable gourmet food product. In addition, the resultant package needed to allow for new SKUs, where product photography and titles could be modified as needed.

The decision was immediately made to steer the packaging visuals away from the "home-cooking" look commonly found in the frozen section. Instead, gourmet products and styling from Asian food packaging were referenced. A modern look was developed with a "fresh" color palette that spoke to the health qualities of the product. Of utmost importance was photography. Great care was taken to place the product in an environment that was modern yet appealing with appropriate colors, accessories and garnishes.

All of this ultimately combined to present Soyafarm's healthy, flavorful soy foods to the consumer in a design that shouted "fresh" and "healthy" in a crafted, gourmet meal.