Name generation was the essential
component of this multi-faceted
project for a new, age-defying,
cosmetic product line.

SocialHour is an online retailer that focuses on marketing quality cosmetic products. For their new age-defying product line they required a new brand name, logo and packaging identity.

Three approaches were taken for the product's name generation. Associated sounds; created words that "sound" similar to the product's perceived function (Elegans.) Visual approximations; names based on existing words, but shifted slightly in spelling to add a slightly "European" feel and a perceived increase in sophistication (Pur Renu.) Root constructs; crafting names from root that were appropriate and meaningful (Bio=life + éau=water.) A selection from the third approach selected, and "nutraviv" became the new brand name, meaning "new life."

The logo used a modified helvetica neue face, with two weights to offset the root words. The "u" was dropped below the baseline, echoing the well of the product container. The rule placed above the u added a nice design element (echoing the container lid) in addition to re-enforcing the long sound of the vowel.

Type design, color and layout for the container/carton set were carefully selected to shift the identity away from "makeup and fashion" to a "clinical and pharmaceutical" feel.


Finished logo design


Alternate logo concepts