Lane 4's packaging identity and
structure makeover delivered
customers a retail shelf experience
unlike any they had seen.

Finis Inc. requested a refresh of their Lane 4 line of competitive goggles that would set them apart from their main competitor (and leader in the marketplace) Speedo. Additionally, the identity needed to communicate Lane 4's competitive philosophy and feature a flexible labeling system that helped the consumer easily identify specific goggle features.

The final structure form was sleek and streamlined, echoing the goggle within. Line renderings and sketches communicated the intent to overseas manufacturing, and a successful structure was returned that "floated" the product using a minimum of material. A dynamic visual identity was developed that used an aggressive screen texture and bold colors to clearly differentiate each SKU. Simple feature icons further delineated each item for easy identification.

When completed, the new clamshell jumped off the wall, presenting a competitive, leading-edge look for Lane 4.


Structure design process gallery.

EXSL Packaging

Structure and package design for EXSL, FINIS' recreational brand