The non-profit organization Embrace
the Children Camp requested assistance
in communicating its vision through
an inaugaral event.

Embrace the Children Camp is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in Guatemala and the United States, established to help critically ill children and their families cope with incredibly difficult circumstances. Their principal goal is to establish a camp where sick children and their families will know relief from the fear and distress that accompany illnesses such as cancer, HIV/Aids, heart disease, and severe burns. To be located in Guatemala, the facility will be one of the first of its kind to bless the region.

The objective of the requested campaign was to communicate clearly the new organization's vision. At once the key issue was the communication of an intangible; the camp did not yet physically exist, and facilities of this kind are relatively rare (even in the USA.) Thus the initial strategic thrust would need to be educational.

At the core of the campaign was a fundraiser to capture the hearts of the Bay Area's Central American community. I worked with the founder and others to map out a plan to bring this initial event to reality. I attended meetings and community socials in order to make contacts and spread the word about our new concept. We sought out speakers, including prominent physicians and cancer survivors, and enlisted the media through appearances on Spanish language radio stations.

At the same time I developed a cohesive presentation of the camp's mission and purpose, working with the founder and board of directors to establish the conceptual message behind the camp. Overall visual identity for the foundation was then developed, which informed the fundraiser promotional material (brochures, invitations, multimedia presentation and website.)

The entire team's efforts made the fundraiser event a notable success. A team of 15 volunteers and support staff helped organize the venue, and identify speakers and other contributors. Guatemalan food, music and native dress added an authentic cultural appeal to the evening. Interest in the camp swelled in both the local Central American community and abroad in Guatemala, resulting in a dramatic increase in inquiries, contacts and supporters -- giving the organization optimism that funds and a suitable property for the camp were well within reach.


Images from the event


CMS website for Embrace the Children Camp


Brochure and invitation for the event