BIG Design's mascot "Buzz" was carefully designed to portray the same sense of fun and creativity that the BIG team embraced.

BIG Design needed promotional material to announce the move to a new studio space. In an effort to expand the immediate conceptual need toward future promotional items, a company mascot was decided upon as the theme.

Bursting with creativity, strong opinions and artistic subjectivity, deciding upon a single character was the main challenge to overcome with this project. The "Buzz" character went through many iterations and revisions before the team settled on the final design. A "fun monster" was the central concept driving the illustration, further developed to include the character employing "creativity tools" used in graphic design - many sketches featured pens as horns, teeth as X-acto blades, etc.

The character was a hit in the studio and with clients, and continued to be used in promotional material.

Concept character sketches

Concept sketches; monsters and more monsters!

Moving day postcard

Buzz as the star of a postcard.

Holiday card

Buzz powers a Holiday Card.